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Commerce and Meets with Money Changers
Opens Training Workshop on Credit Registry System


From: Palestine Monetary Authority

Date: 29 December 2015

H.E. Governor of the PMA, Mr. Azzam Shawwa, conducted an extended visit to the city of Bethlehem, which began with visiting H.E. Governor of Bethlehem, Major General Jibrin Al-Bakri. Discussions during the meeting centred on various economic issues in connection to the current state of Palestinian affairs and the means to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

At Shepherd Hotel, H.E. the Governor afterwards opened a training workshop on the updated version (Version IV) of the Credit Registry System, with the participation of a number of employees from banks in the southern governorates.

H.E. Governor of the PMA then visited the Bethlehem Municipality where he met with the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Issam Juha, and Municipal Manager, Mr. Tony Murqus. Governor Shawwa offered his best Christmas and New Year wishes, before talks focused on various Palestinian issues and the most prominent obstacles facing citizens, specifically in the city of Bethlehem.

At the Chamber of Commerce headquarters, the H.E. Governor met with the members of the Chamber’s board of directors and held another meeting with money changers operating in the Bethlehem Governorate. In order to promote communication with the money changers, who are partners in the banking sector, the Governor was introduced to their conditions and listened carefully to their suggestions, in the presence of Deputy Chairman of the Chamber, Eng. Khaled Al-Der’ali and the Head of money changer union in Bethlehem, Mr. Maher Abu Aita.

H.E. Mr. Shawwa visited the University of Bethlehem, where he met with the Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray, and the Executive Vice President, Dr. Michael Sansur, the Vice President for Advancement, Brother Stephen Tuohy, and Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Fadi Kattan. H.E. Governor thanked them all for establishing good relations and fostering continued communication with the PMA, in particular in the area of promoting banking and financial awareness.

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