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Bethlehem University Foundation Honors Christian Brothers Conference, Others


From: Christian Brothers Conference



      From left: Sister Irene O’Neill, CSJ, EdD, Chair
      of the Board, Bethlehem University
      Foundation, Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC,
      and Brother Peter Bray, FSC, Vice-Chancellor,
      Bethlehem University

On November 8, 2015, the Bethlehem University Foundation honored Christian Brothers Conference, American Schools and Hospitals Abroad – USAID, and the Schmidt Family Foundation during its inaugural Bethlehem University Legacy Awards. The 3rd Annual Legacy Dinner was held at Saint Francis Hall at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land.

Accepting on behalf of Christian Brothers Conference, General Councilor Brother Timothy Coldwell, FSC, stated, “Most Catholics are familiar with the vows common to religious institutes: chastity, poverty and obedience. We Brothers pronounce those vows. What most don’t know is that our first vow, the central vow that organizes our life, is association. We live together and we minister together. We pray together and we plan together. Perhaps one of the most exciting and energizing aspects of this vow is that we found together. I know that I have personally been part of the founding of a school and community, and it is the closest I believe I have felt to the heart and purpose of the life of Saint La Salle. This award is a recognition of the spirit, resolve, tenacity, faith, love, dedication, innovation, resilience, and solidarity of the founding and ongoing founding of Bethlehem University.”

This event brought together leaders and dignitaries from the Washington area to celebrate the continued success of the University and plan for the future of many young people in Palestine. Proceeds from the dinner will help in the completion of the final stages of the Bethlehem University Library Renovation Project.

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