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Learning from the Christian Brothers at Bethlehem University



From: 2016 Mundelein Pilgrimage

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today we got the chance to visit Bethlehem University. We met four of the De La Salle Christian Brothers—whose order founded the university in 1973. This Catholic University has a student population that is roughly 70% Muslim and 30% Christian. It was incredible learning from the brothers that their order has been ministering to the people in Bethlehem since 1893. As the Brothers showed us around the small campus we couldn’t help but marvel at the ministry the brothers were providing to the people of Palestine. Through their mission of providing higher education they are helping to alleviate the burden of the Palestine people who live in the West Bank—both Christian and Muslim.

Many of us found the most striking aspect of Bethlehem University to be their gorgeous chapel. The chapel is dedicated under the title of “Chapel of the Divine Child.” Behind the altar stands a unique statue of Jesus in his adolescent years. The statue of the Divine Child is surrounded by paintings of children martyrs from around the world.

As we stood in the chapel, staring at the paintings and the statue of Jesus, feelings of gratitude arose. Grateful that this little adolescent boy is God—and that this boy grew up to bear the weight of sin and death, conquering it by way of the cross. We will continue to pray for you as you pray for us! Thank you for all of your prayers. We are encountering Jesus is so many ways largely in part due to your prayers. God be with you!

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