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Muslim students learn about Incarnation at Bethlehem University


From: Catholic

January 29, 2016

Christian and Muslim students in the West Bank are able to learn more about Islam and Christianity by taking a course taught jointly by a Christian professor and a Muslim professor.

“We want to give young people of both faiths the ability to understand the other religion, not with a desire to evangelize or compare, but only to explain and show,” Father Iyad Twal, the religion department chairman at Bethlehem University, told AsiaNews.

The Catholic college, founded in 1973, has 3,200 students and is associated with the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

As the Incarnation is explained to Muslim students, “things are clearer in their minds, and the walls of ignorance fall,” added Father Twal. “Muslims also like the idea of a God who is love.”

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