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Cassie DePecol arrives in 100th Country on 
Global Journey as an IIPT Ambassador for Peace



From: IIPT

Cassie De Pecol has arrived in Montreal, Canada – the 100th country on her  ‘Expedition 196’ as an IIPT Ambassador for Peace. Cassie has now been to 100 countries since her departure on July 24, 2015 in her attempt to become the first documented woman to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in less than three years to set a Guinness World Record and to become the first woman and youngest person to do so. 

Cassie with Bethlehem University Students

Cassie is traveling as an IIPT Ambassador for Peace promoting the role of tourism in peace and sustainability. Skal International, the world’s largest organization of travel and tourism executives, has been partnering in Expedition 196 by arranging for Presidents of Skal National organizations to meet Cassie on her arrival in each of their respective 87 countries and organizing her program while in their countries – particularly the opportunity to address University students of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Cassie has also been planting peace trees and collecting water samples for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation project, to then test for microplastics.

Mr. Hassan Costantini


Cassie’s most recent visits have been to Palestine, Israel and Jordan. While in Palestine, Cassie was the guest of Bethlehem University where she had the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff of the University, tour the campus, and to address senior students of the Hotel and Tourism

Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh

Management program. The University also graciously hosted Cassie to a luncheon with Mr. Hassan Costantini, a senior official of the University and

members of the Hotel Management faculty. The lunch was prepared by students of the University HOTM program.

 IIPT is grateful to Mr. Hani Abu Dayyeh, Trustee of Bethlehem University for facilitating Cassie’s visit to Bethlehem University and for the warm welcome and gracious hospitality extended to Cassie during her visit.


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