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Student Elections at Bethlehem University



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On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, the student senate elections took place at Bethlehem University. The Right of Return student bloc won the majority of the 31 available council seats against Watan Bloc. Of the 31 council seats available, the Right of Return bloc won 18, while the left-leaning Watan Bloc won 13.

Dr. Mahmmoud Hammad,  Dean of Students, announced the final results to a large gathering of students at roughly 5:30 PM.  He later stressed the importance of a democratic forum and praised the passionate and fair elections that took place at Bethlehem University. He mentioned that there were no violations or incidents that disrupted the voting process.

This year, 2706 students were eligible to vote, of whom 1651 actually voted. Turnout was registered at 61%, slightly lower than last year’s 61.6%.
It is worth noting that these results mirror those of last year exactly.

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