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Bethlehem University – Graduation Ceremony of the First Tourism Vocational Training Program





Wednesday, 1 June 2016, Bethlehem University held the Graduation Ceremony of the First Tourism Vocational Training. A large number of representatives from the tourism sector, supporting institutions, and from the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities were present, as well as the families and friends of the 90 graduating students.

The ceremony was held at the Bethlehem University Auditorium under the sponsorship of the Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Her Excellency, Rula Ma’ayaah. Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, then gave the welcome speech in which he congratulated the graduates and their families. In addition, he thanked the World Bank, PADICO HOLDING, USAID/Compete and the Palestinian Market Development Program (PMDP) for their support of the program; which came into existence as a response to the needs of the Palestinian based on research by the Bethlehem University Institute of Tourism Training (BUITT), The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Palestinian Tourism Sector.

Mr. Ali Abu Srour, Director General of Vocational Training at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, spoke on the behalf of Her Excellency, Rula Ma’ayaah, and stressed that the Ministry of Tourism constantly works to promote any programs that might bolster the tourism industry in Palestine due to it being one of the most important foundations of the local economy. He also spoke about working hand in hand with Bethlehem University in order to further strengthen the hotel management industry and maintain the training of professional tour guides.

Mr. Steen Jorgensen, Director of the World Bank Mission to Palestine, assured the audience that the World Bank was constantly working with Palestinian experts and the local government in order to ensure a thriving and lively development of the Palestinian economy. He pointed out that it was directly due to the graduating students that so many different organizations managed to work in tandem to further advance such programs that aid Palestinian growth.

Ms. Rawan Juha, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Communications at PADICO HOLDING, said that PADICO takes great pride in its partnership with Bethlehem University. She stressed that this relationship is built upon the mutual understanding that improving the tourism sector in Palestine will result in great benefits to the overall Palestinian community.

Ms. Nuha Nour, a graduate of the program, then took the stage and spoke on behalf of her fellow students. She pointed out how immensely grateful they were to Bethlehem University for its dedication in ensuring they receive solid education, which in turn will help them push the local tourism industry ahead in a competitive and healthy manner.

Prior to distributing the certificates, a short film was screened in which students from the Tourism Vocational Training Program shared their experiences and reflected on the knowledge and skills they came to learn from their time in the program.

Mr. Ahmad Awedet then presented the results of the Research Findings Dissemination: HTS mapping and Job Analysis Study, which tackled the necessary steps to take to fill in the gaps within the tourism industry and further decrease unemployment.

The courses offered within the program are only possible due to the collaboration among the various institutes at Bethlehem University, specifically, the Institute for Hotel Management and Tourism (IHMT), the Institute of Tourism Training (BUITT), and the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP).

A reception, which was organized by students from the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, was then held in honor of the graduates.


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