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From: Manhattan College

Tuesday, December 13, 2016



January 1-9, 2017

During the Summer 2016 Manhattan College has successful Research Projects with Bethlehem University students that were hosted at Manhattan College by Dr. Musa Jafar, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems and Data Analytics, and Dr. Zahra Shahbazi, Mechanical Engineering. This project was coordinated by Dr. Cory Blad, Sociology, and Dr. Rani Roy, Student and Faculty Development, with funding support from the Lasallian District of Eastern North America (DENA).

In keeping with the Manhattan College Strategic Plan (1.1.2; 2.3.1; 3.2.2; 3.4.4), and with the additional support of the CRS Faculty Task Force as well as DENA, during January 2017, eight (8) Manhattan College faculty and administrators are traveling to Bethlehem University to continue to deepen and broaden these academic relationships with Bethlehem University as well as with the CRS office in Jerusalem, Gaza, and West Bank.

The Manhattan College faculty and administrators who are visiting Bethlehem University in Palestine during January 2017 to explore academic connections such as student summer research, study abroad, scholarly publications and research collaboration.

  1. Cory Blad, Sociology
  2. Brother Jack Curran, Vice President for Mission
  3. Aileen Farrelly, Accounting
  4. Jim Freeman, Sociology
  5. Kevin Gschwend, Study Abroad
  6. Marisa Lerer, Performing & Visual Arts
  7. Gennaro Maffia, Chemical Engineering
  8. Kerri Mulqueen, English

Additionally, among those who expressed interested in further developing collaborative relationship but who are unable to travel to Bethlehem in Jan 2017:

  1. Ahmed Hussein, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  2. Musa Jafar, Business
  3. Carolyn Predmore, Management and Marketing
  4. Jeffrey White, Graduate Marriage and Family Counseling
  5. Bryan Wilkins, Chemistry and Biochemistry: Summer Research Project


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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