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Christmas Midnight Mass celebrated at Bethlehem University





Fri, 12/29/2017 - 14:07


A few miles away from the Nativity Church, the site of the Savior’s birth, Bethlehem University held its Christmas Eve Midnight Mass which was full of worshipers at the University's Chapel of the Divine Child.

The mass was presided over by the Papal Nuncio, who serves as the University’s Chancellor, His Excellency Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli. He spoke about the great joy that God has bestowed upon us all through the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Chapel was a site of joy and worship when the community and friends of Bethlehem University gathered to celebrate the mass in a warm atmosphere. The spirit of Christmas prevailed when the worshippers gave thanks to the Lord and prayed for peace.

At the end of the celebration, a special Christmas Reception followed at the De La Salle Hall of Bethlehem University, where guests exchanged Christmas greetings and shared the excitement of the dawning of Christmas Day.

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