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Holy Land – Science Fair at Bethlehem University




Date: April 5, 2016


On Friday, April 1 2016 Bethlehem University held its Annual Science Fair. Dr. Michel Hanania, Dean of the Faculty of Science,  began the event by speaking about the importance of the Science Fair and its role in promoting knowledge among students, he also introduced the various departments and spoke of what they will be contributing to the science fair this year.

Dr. Michael Sansur, Executive Vice President, extended his welcome to the visitors and touched upon the importance of collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Bethlehem University. He also congratulated the Faculty of Science on their plans to reintroduce Physics as a Major. Dr. Sansur stressed the importance encouraging students to enroll in scientific majors, which represent one of the fundamental building blocks of any society. He also emphasized the importance that Bethlehem University places on safeguarding tradition while also aspiring to be an intellectual hub for both its faculty and students by actively encouraging research, innovation, and adaptability.
Many activities took place throughout the day and school students visited the Biology Department, the Chemistry Department, the Physics Department, and the IT Department. Bethlehem University students showcased various scientific and technical experiments to the enthralled school students.
The Science Fair will run Friday through Saturday. Approximately 16 different schools will be visiting during this time.
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