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State-of-the-art media studios will great our students and visitors as they enter the new lobby.


Students require different study and learning spaces during the course of their academic careers; especially as they move into their major areas of concentration.  At times, a student may need a quiet, contemplative area while at other times; a student may require a lesser restrictive space where they can work on team projects and presentations. Still others will need a space that provides cutting edge technology that enables them to build new knowledge and skills—often through group collaboration and often across physical and political boundaries.

The new design will provide a more inviting atmosphere for students, including space for students to work independently, collaborate with groups, and socialize.

  • Five floors, approximately 3,644 square meters (34,439 square meters)
  • 21st-Century Technology, including Wi-Fi, Docking Stations, and Self-Check-Out
  • Air Conditioning
  • Centre for Students with Special Needs
  • Designated Silent and Quiet Study Space, and Group Collaborative Spaces
  • Technology Zones
  • Student-Run Café
  • Outdoor Reading and Dining Terrace
  • Meeting Space
  • Audio Visual Office
  • Media Recording Studios
  • Catalog Computers
  • Printing Services
  • Public Community Pontifical Mission Library
  • Palestinian Cultural Artifacts
  • Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Extended Archive Area


The renovation will take place floor by floor over 18 months, during which the library will remain open and occupied. Efforts will be made to schedule the most disruptive work at times of the year when the library is not as heavily used, and to create temporary spaces to keep noise and dust to a minimum.

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