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10 December 2018

Mrs. Wedad Abu-Dayyeh’s Best Academic Performance Award

Bethlehem University Tourism Institute (BUTi) would like to extend its sincere thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Wedad Abu-Dayyeh, an exceptionally pioneer lady in the tourism industry in Palestine, for dedicating an annual cash prize of (USD 2,000) for the next ten years in the name of:

“Mrs. Wedad Abu-Dayyeh’s Best Academic Performance Award 
in the Field of Hotel Management & Tourism ”

The prize will be awarded to the senior female student in the BSc. Program of Hotel Management who obtains the highest (Cum. GPA) among her senior female colleagues, as per the scores of the final semester prior to graduation. The award shall be effective as of the current academic year 2018/2019.

Wishing success to all our students

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