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Office of the Dean of Students

Counseling Office

The Counseling Office provides services to address students’ needs, both the predictable difficulties of the college years, as well as the personal and educational challenges.


  • Adjusting to the coeducational life at Bethlehem University;
  • Transitioning from the high school system to the academics in a university setting;
  • Meeting peers from different backgrounds and socializing; and
  • Catering to students with disabilities and facilitating their integration at Bethlehem University.

Services in the Counseling Office are available to all students:

  • Students can independently present their concerns to the counselors;
  • Students can be referred by faculty members, staff, concerned friends, and peers;
  • The counselor will decide the best way to work with the student, usually on in one-on-one sessions, to address crisis situations, social and personal problems, personal growth, career guidance, time management, and study skills; and
  • Group counseling is considered if a number of students are facing similar difficulties or concerns.

Dean of Students

Mr. Adnan Ramadan
Phone:02-2741241 ext 2244

Mai Jaber
Assistant to the Dean of Students
Phone:02-2741241 ext 2429

Amani Musleh Atrash
Phone:02-2741241 ext 2231


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