Permanent Perpetual Named Endowed Scholarships

What is a Permanent Perpetual Named Endowed Scholarship?

A permanent named endowed scholarship, named in honor or in memory of someone, is a “forever scholarship,” as Bethlehem University invests your gift and uses the pooled interest earned to provide your endowed scholarship each and every year into the future, supporting the education of students (i.e., student tuition, student cultural and sport activities, technology enhancements, library resources, and administrative gift management).

With $100,000, you can fully fund a permanent and perpetual named endowed scholarship. A minimum gift of $30,000 can establish a base for an endowed scholarship (which may be the sum of gifts over a period of time such as 3 to 5 years – and can also be the result of a number of people pooling their donations together). Additional contributions beyond the $30,000 base are added to the endowment to provide proportionately more scholarship support.

Beyond helping the students, what are the benefits to establishing an Endowed Scholarship?


Personal Connection with Students: The student or students who receive an endowed scholarship write letters of appreciation to the donor each year. Grade reports are also provided to the donor each year. Of course, when donors visit Bethlehem University, opportunities to meet the students are available.


Donor Recognition: The name of the donor for an named endowed scholarship, and the name of the person in whose honor or memory the endowed scholarship is named, are displayed in a beautiful donor appreciation plaque that is prominently located at the entrance to De La Salle Hall, the main and original building of Bethlehem University. Additionally, the names of the donors and the endowed scholarship names are published on the Bethlehem University website.