Bethlehem University, the first registered University in Palestine, has been providing education of excellence to multiple generations in the Holy Land. Its mission as it serves its critical higher educational role emerges from the vision that in a very difficult reality in Palestine, Bethlehem University is an oasis of peace and a beacon of hope for its students, preparing them to create and actively take part in the future of Palestine with their knowledge, skills, and ethics.

By giving to Bethlehem University, you will be directly involved in this noble mission of educating the future leaders of Palestine and helping them build their lives and their communities, with access to meaningful employment, creative entrepreneurship, and service to others.

Your support to Bethlehem University is vital because:

  • Without any governmental support and with rising running costs, private philanthropy is essential both for sustaining and improving the quality of our education and for making its benefits available to all our students.
  • Your donation can offer a whole future with all its potentials to our students: it will allow us to offer free education to more students, who are living in a grim political-economic situation and face major difficulties in paying their tuitions fees.
  • It can support student-centered education with unique learning opportunities — such as internships, international study programs, cooperative education, field and laboratory research experience, and learning centers — which enhance their classroom experience.
  • It strengthens our faculty and their teaching: your contributions allow us to offer competitive salaries that attract and retain top-quality faculty and support their scholarly and quality research efforts.
  • It helps us enrich and beautify our campus and sustain a vibrant campus for our students with a variety of extra-curricular activities that encourage the talents of our students.

We seek your support and involvement to respond ever more effectively with new and expanded undergraduate, graduate, and outreach programs designed to meet the needs of the people of the Holy Land now and well into the future. We need your involvement and financial support to continue our work in.

At Bethlehem University, we boast the established trust between us and our donors, which is based on the assurance that our donors can donate to what matters to them, and that their gifts and donations for a specific purpose will be employed for the designated purpose only.

If you are considering making a gift to Bethlehem University, you can choose your preferred area of support: scholarships, unrestricted gifts, capital projects, academic development & research and small projects packages.

Ways to support Bethlehem University

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