Bethlehem University Journal

Bethlehem University Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Jamil Khader

The Bethlehem University Journal is an annual peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Pluto Journals in partnership with the Office of the Dean of Research at Bethlehem University. Bethlehem University Journal can be accessed online at Science Open. Please register and submit your manuscript on this website.

About the Journal

The Bethlehem University Journal was launched in 1981 to promote a culture of excellence in research and research ethics in matters that pertain not only to Palestine and the region but also to the world in general. It serves as a vibrant platform where research communities in the region and the world can engage in dialogues and conversations that can contribute to the production of original and transformative knowledge about the state of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and its future.

Aims and Scope

BUJ publishes original, theoretically informed articles on a variety of topics from different disciplines in both Arabic and English. BUJ encourages submissions that respond to current debates in the literature and offer substantive analysis and original discussion that aim to contribute to the advancement of the discipline in line with the local and international ethical standards in research.

BUJ is interested in promoting research grounded in meta-critical and reflexive attitudes towards traditional and emergent research methodologies. It encourages research that develops alternative epistemological assumptions and practices that refract the international struggles and experiences of vulnerable, colonized, and disposable communities within the realities of the global capitalist system.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Prof Jamil Khader, Ph.D.

Associate Editor for the Sciences
Dr. Hashem Shahin, Ph.D.

Associate Editor for Education
Dr. Hala Rashed Al-Yamani, Ph.D.

Associate Editor for Economics and Business Management
Mr. Hussam Wahhab, ABD.

Associate Editor for Arabic Language and Literature
Dr. Zein Al-Abideen Awawdeh, Ph.D.

Editor for English Language and Literature
Dr. Hazem Najjar, Ph.D. Associate
Dr. Musa Al-Halool Ph.D., Professor of English & Comparative Literature

Associate Editor for the Social Sciences
Dr. Abeer Musleh, Ph.D.

Advisory Board

Dr. Ahmed Fasfous, Bethlehem University (Palestine)

Prof. Sari Hanafi, American University of Beirut (Lebanon)

Dr. Rami Isaac, Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

Prof. Nur Masalha, University of London (Britain)

Prof. Antonio Puente, University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA)

Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Bethlehem University (Palestine)

Prof. Basem Ra’ad, Al-Quds University (Palestine/Canada)

Prof. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Queen Mary University of London (Britain)

Dr. Francois-Xavier Gleyzon, University of Central Florida (USA)

Submission Guidelines

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Instructions for Authors

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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

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