Ms. Enas Elias

Academic and Career Counselor

  • Address

    De La Salle Hall, D-103a

  • E-mail

  • Phone

    022741241 ext. 2340


  •  The university was keen to establish the unit of career guidance because it believes that it is important to complement not only the work of the Alumni Office but also to assist in career assessments, guidance, employment opportunities, work placements and follow-up of both students and graduates.
  • The Career guidance unit falls in line with the goals of Bethlehem University. It aims to enrich the student’s and graduate’s knowledge and promote their employability.


  • Assist new students in finding appropriate disciplines for them according to their preferences, needs and abilities.
  • Increase awareness among students, enhancing their skills and provide them with the tools necessary for increasing their employability.
  • Helping graduates find jobs, and giving them the skills needed in the process.
  • Integrate students in the private sector to acquire experience and skills that the labor market needs

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