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A recent WHO report indicated a global shortage of 5.9 million nurses as the struggle with COVID 19 virus continues – certainly, a strong directive on the need to invest in nurses.
Even before this pandemic, the “Palestine 2030” report of 2016, stated that in order to meet the needs of a growing population, the state of Palestine will need an additional 36 hospitals and 350 primary health care centers by 2030. The report indicates that the current nurse by population ratio is low, with 29 nurses per 10,000 people. To meet 2030 projections, it will be necessary to increase the number of nurses from 13,100 to at least 20,800; a 59% increase. Bethlehem University is preparing to meet these challenges through our new nursing school facility.

Bethlehem University’s nursing program has been training Palestine’s nurses and midwifes since 1973. Our new state-of-the-art nursing complex is nearing completion; which will ensure that our nursing graduates have the most current competencies, and that we can help meet the increasing needs of the Palestinian community.

Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Trust has been a major supporter of this new nursing facility, pledging funds for the purchase of high-tech nurse training equipment and providing support for annual expenses. This support will help ensure that our students will be prepared for the future’s challenges, and keep hope alive among students who live amidst political tensions and restrictions. This support is creating a strong bond of partnership with Bethlehem University in times of great need, and Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Trust under the leadership of Ariane Slinger.

With the support provided by Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu, Bethlehem University will be able to provide nursing equipment equal to the needs of a 21st century education and also provide training for even more students. Bethlehem University is deeply grateful to Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu for supporting its mission in this region. Our nursing school is just one of the many projects where Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu is creating long-term positive impacts in the lives of those they touch.

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