Business and Contracts Unit

Mr. Elia Sammour Director

  • De La Salle Hall, Second Floor, Office: D-217c
  • 022741241 ext. 2247

Provides accounting and reporting services and manages the flow of financial transactions of the University. This includes recording accounts payable and receivable, inventory, paying bills, billing, tracking assets and expenditures, managing payroll, reporting, preparing financial reports such as balance sheets and budgets, assuring financial control, amongst other services that ensure the full transparency in the financial transactions of the University, while providing support to other departments.

Auxiliary services include operations that facilitate and support the core mission of the University. They consist of several units that are committed to enhancing the experience of students, faculty, staff and visitors at Bethlehem University by providing a variety of support services through its operations.  Auxiliaries are self-supported business services, leased to outside service providers under strict contracts ensuring best service at reasonable prices. Following are the Auxiliary Units operating on campus:

  1.   University Main Cafeteria

Located in the building of the Social and Cultural Center. Established in 1986 with a capacity for over 200 students. It provides a wide variety of local food at reasonable prices affordable by the students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

  1.   Campus Corner Cafeteria

Located at the Center of the campus. Established in the year 2000 to serve as a quick stop for students between classes. The unit is small and has no seating capacity. It is heavily used by students due to its location in the center of the campus.

  1.   La Salle Library Café

Located on the third floor of Bethlehem University Library. Established in the year 2016 to serve students, faculty, staff, and visitors using the Library. Made in a very unique and relaxing set up to provide a good place for studying and small group discussions.

  1.   Bookstore

Located in De La Salle Building accessed from the building and the main center of campus.  The bookstore is the supplier of books and other needed material, based on the requirements and in coordination with the different faculties.

  1.   Print Shop

Located on the ground floor of the De La Salle Building, the University Print Shop is committed to supporting the educational mission of Bethlehem University with reliable, high-quality services in designing, copying and printing material; needed by the various departments while carrying out their daily educational activities. The Unit is also responsible for tracking and maintaining all copiers on campus.

The Events Management Unit is responsible for the overall management of all University events and activities including organizing, resourcing, creative directing, public representation and negotiating the different components required for holding events.

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The Unit main responsibility is to ensure that all transport resources are used in the most cost-effective manner by:

  1.   Providing official fleet transport vehicles that facilitate the operations of the University and the execution of the official duties of faculty and staff.
  2.   Providing students and staff with fleet transport that enables them to participate in academic activities; cultural activities and sporting activities.
  3.   Facilitating university procurement daily needs and distributing payments to suppliers.