Finance Office – Units

Provides accounting and reporting services and manages the flow of financial transactions of the University. This includes recording accounts payable and receivable, inventory, paying bills, billing, tracking assets and expenditures, managing payroll, reporting, preparing financial reports such as balance sheets and budgets, assuring financial control, amongst other services that ensure the full transparency in the financial transactions of the University, while providing support to other departments.

Under the Business and Contracts the following units are responsible for managing the different aspects of the University business:

  1. Procurement
  2. Auxiliary Units
  3. Fleet Department
  4. Event Management Unit

Maintains a systematic monthly payroll program to serve the need of Bethlehem University employees’ through Bisan customized salary system. Likewise, the system works the over-all salary-related benefits based on the contract received.  Thus, the system strives to keep a proficient payroll system in which salaries are delivered to the employees of Bethlehem University on time and end of service benefits accurately accounted for and recorded.

Manages the students’ accounts, financial aid schemes and governs tuition and fees levels and application.  The unit serves as the reference point for students seeking clarifications and/or changes on their financial statements, and for those seeking financial aid.  The unit serves as a hub connecting students’ accounts and finances to the University ledgers.

Serves as a reference for the socio-economic conditions of students, the basis for the provision of financial aid.  The social survey unit at Bethlehem University was established in 2012, under the Finance Office umbrella. The unit is managed by two professional social workers that work in close coordination with the Student Finance Manager. The social survey is the first step for students seeking financial aid including scholarships, work-study, and needy student’s fund. The task of the Social Survey unit is twofold:  (1) to ensure the completion of the social survey procedures and providing all the supporting documents needed; and (2) to conduct home visits in order to complete the verification and evaluation process of the socio-economic conditions of the student.

Maintains records, monitors delivery, updates and reports on all grants received by Bethlehem University. Grants are restricted funds received from sources outside the University and are to be used for a specified or restricted purpose and implementation period.  Grants include research projects, capital development projects, acquisition of equipment, and activities closely related to the University’s normal programs and activities.