Institutional Research Unit

Mr. Wasim Zoghbi

Institutional Research Administrator

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    M-09, Basement Floor,
    Millennium Building,

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    972-2-2741241 Ext. 2461

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Mission and Objectives

The mission of the IRU at Bethlehem University is to support Bethlehem University in attaining its goals by providing reliable data, useful information, and analysis to the executive, staff, and academic departments in order to support future planning, decision-making, and policy formulation.

About IRU

The Institutional Research Unit (IRU) is primarily a service-oriented unit that observes, gathers, and manages data and conducts different types of research and data analyses to support University planning, development, policy formation, and decision-making. In addition to its regular observation and documentation of University-wide data, the tasks of the IRU are generated through requests from different Bethlehem University committees, administrative personnel, academic staff, and other formal bodies outside the University.

The IRU conducts most of its activities through the preparation and presentation of project reports and discussion papers, the preparation and analysis of specific data sets, the design and preparation of measuring instruments (tests, questionnaires, etc), as well as the provision of research advice and assistance through discussions, meetings and workshops and annual publications about Bethlehem University (Fact Book).

The IRU is Bethlehem University’s reference point for future planning and development by providing accurate, on-time data and contemporary analysis for the decision-makers and other stakeholders.