Quality Assurance and Enhancement Office

Mr. Hassan Costantini

Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement

  • De La Salle Hall, D-212a
  • qae@bethlehem.edu
  • 022741241 ext. 2430

“Quest for Excellence”


The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Office (QAEO) was established by a decision from the Senior Management at Bethlehem University in the beginning of the Academic Year 2021-2022. The QAEO seeks to build and to promote a culture of quality, training all levels and roles within the University on the quality assurance procedures and best practices to be followed whether in academic or non-academic activities, as well in self-assessment, leading to improved student educational experience. Its remit is to ensure that the approved quality standards are adhered to at Bethlehem University, and that the senior management is well informed about problems associated with maintaining such standards for timely action and appropriate remedy.

The QAEO is considered as a regulatory mechanism focusing on development, continuous improvement and accountability, thus, establishing confidence in the University stakeholders that the inputs, processes and outputs fulfill their expectations and measure up to the highest standards.

This serves the University’s Vision of becoming a pre-eminent institution of higher education and a research-informed teaching institution, and promoting the development of ethical, rounded and skilled graduates who contribute towards the development of their local and global community as well.

Vision Statement

The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Office looks to instill and develop optimal quality standards and best practices in all academic and non-academic divisions of Bethlehem University.

Mission Statement

Quality Assurance & Enhancement Office creates consciousness of the highest quality standards and best practices, and promotes compliance thereto for the efficient and effective delivery of teaching, learning, research, community engagement, administration and the overall operations of Bethlehem University. This is achieved through the development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and continuous quality improvement and enhancement in all activities and outputs in the University.


  1. Layout, build and continuously improve the structure of a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that quality operations are  coordinated, monitored  and managed with maximum effectiveness;
  2. Promote and facilitate development  of  a  culture  of  quality and  continuous quality improvement and enhancement across the University;
  3. Develop instruments to detect, evaluate and tackle processes’ deficiencies and/or deviations in cooperation with the Internal Quality Cells (IQCs) in the divisions;
  4. Provide support, guidance and training in development, implementation and assessment of  quality procedures and practices to employees at all levels which deemed necessary to realize the Vision and Mission of the University as well as uphold its core Values;
  5. Ensure quality communication between the University’s different divisions  and properly document all joint processes and procedures; and
  6. Pursue obtaining external institutional and academic accreditation from official national and international quality bodies.