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Admissions Policies and Procedures

1. When and where do you announce for the opening of admission for each scholastic year semester?

  • Upon completion of the General Secondary Education Certificate (General Certificate Examination (GCE) Tawjihi) and through the Bethlehem University website and in local newspapers.

2. What are the required credentials to be submitted with the application?

  • Two recent photos.
  • Copy of the certified Tawjihi.
  • Copy of the Identification Card (ID).
  • Copy of the high school certificate.

3. Which General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) GCE certificates are recognized by BU?

  • Palestinian Tawjihi (Arts Literary/ & Sciences Scientific) or equivalent from any Arab country.
  • High averages in Tawjihi (Commercial Branch) 75% or above only for Business administration faculty.
  • IB2, GCE, SAT I, SAT II and IGCSE upon equivalence by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
  • BEGROUT the documents below are required
  • Authenticated translation of transcript by Notary Public
  • Authentication of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the authenticated translated document by Notary Public
  • Authentication of Palestinian Ministry of justice
  • Authentication of Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Affairs General Directorate)

4. What are the admission requirements for a student who wishes to transfer from another university to Bethlehem University?

  • Completion of 30 credit hours according toBethlehemcalculation from an accredited university.
  • Cumulative average of not less than 70%.
  • Average in GCE Tawjihi as accredited in that year.
  • Copy of official transcript of grades.
  • Accredited official course descriptions.

Once a student has completed his/her registration including payment of fees, no further changes in his/her schedule will be allowed until the Add /Drop Period.

Graduation Petitions must be signed by the offices of the Deans of Faculties, Chairpersons, and Advisors and then sent to the Finance Office, and Library before transcripts and certificates can be issued.

Issuing transcripts and letters for students is done after the student fills in the Appropriate form.

Registration Forms

Forms: (AS IS)


1. What does P*/F*/W*/WF*/R* mean on my transcript?

A. P* is for Pass no grade points, F* is for Fail, W is for Withdraw with permission, WF is for Withdraw without permission,and R is for repeated courses.


2. What will happen if I miss my registration period and what is the late period of registration?

A. If a student misses the registration period, he/she can register during the Add/ Drop Period.


3. If I decide to leave BU, can I take my original documents from my file?

A. The original documents of the student files are not released back to the student as they are part of the student file as per the University Policy on Academic Record Retention and storage.


4. How do I know who my Academic Advisor is?

A. You may know who your Advisor is by referring to the academic portal (BUAP), or contacting the Registrar’s Office.


5. Can I change contact information (phone number, e-mail,) that I submitted when I first joined BU?

A. You may do so by contacting the office of the registrar or by filling a ticket on your account under the feedback title.


6. What shall I do if I want to register for more than 15 Credits?

A. It depends on your GPA average; if it’s 3 or above you can register for up to 18, if not you must fill out  a form signed by your Advisor to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.


7. Do I need my Advisor’s approval to change my Major?

A. For changing your major your advisor, Chair and Dean must all approve as stated on the appropriate form.

8. How can I drop a course after the Add/Drop Period?

A. Dropping courses is not allowed after the Add/Drop Period .You may only withdraw from your course until the end of 7th week of the semester and the end of the 3 rd week of the summer semester. You can withdraw from a course on condition that the load is not below 15 Credits.


9. Can my friend pick up the letter/transcript that I have requested?

A. No, only the student himself/herself can pick up his/her letter or transcript BUT if the student is out of the country he/she can send the registrar an e-mail requesting an alternative arrangement.

Information for International Students

General Information

Bethlehem University is a Catholic Christian co-educational institution of higher learning founded in 1973 in the Lasallian tradition, open to students of all faith traditions. Bethlehem University, the first university established in the West Bank, can trace its roots to 1893 when the De La Salle Christian Brothers opened schools in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Nazareth, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. Beginning with 112 students during its first year, the enrolment of the University increased steadily, establishing a record high enrollment of 3,054 in the Fall 2009 semester. Bethlehem University is a member of the Association of Arab Universities, the Arab Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, the International Federation of Catholic Universities, and other international higher education associations.

Click here for more general information about Bethlehem University.

Academic Programs

Although at the present time, no degree programs are available for students who do not have some command of the Arabic language, Bethlehem University offers a number of courses every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) that are taught in the English language. These courses are open to international students either for credit or on an audit basis. Local students sign up for these courses as part of their regular programs. There is usually a mixture of local and international students in these courses. Additionally, Arabic courses as well as courses on Palestinian history and culture are offered to non-Arabic speakers. The list of specific courses offered is made public according to the following schedule:

  • Fall Semester (late August – late December) by April 30
  • Spring Semester (late January – early June) by November 30
  • Summer Session (mid June – mid August) by February 28

Bethlehem University follows what is commonly referred to as “the American academic credit system.” That is, most courses are assigned three credits each and consist of approximately 45 academic class hours. The grading system follows the letter grades (A represents 4.0; B+ 3.5; B 3.0; C+ 2.5; C 2.0; D+ 1.5; D 1.0; and F 0.0). Quizzes, exams, research projects, term papers, group work, presentations, and classroom participation make up the final grade. Most faculty members are Palestinian, while there are also a few expatriate teachers. Upon request, an official transcript is issued at the end of each semester.

Click here for a listing of academic programs at Bethlehem University.


The Bethlehem University main campus is located on the highest hill in the historic town of Bethlehem, eight kilometers south of Jerusalem, in Palestine. The campus is within walking distance of markets, restaurants, and hotels as well as a number of historic places: the Church of the Nativity, the Milk Grotto, King David’s Well, Rachel’s Tomb, Shepherd’s Field, and Solomon’s Pools. To the east of Bethlehem is the town of Beit Sahour, to the west is Beit Jala, and to the south is Hebron.

Click here for more information about the town of Bethlehem.

Admission Requirements for International Students

To be admitted to take courses for academic credit at Bethlehem University, an international student:

  1. must be enrolled in (or a graduate of) an accredited academic institution and be in good academic standing (2.5 GPA or better on a scale of 4.0) at his/her home institution
  2. must have completed at least one academic year at home institution
  3. must not be under disciplinary probation, proof of which must be provided
  4. must complete an application form.

A completed application form must also include:

  1. an official transcript of all courses completed at home institution
  2. an official letter of enrollment in home institution
  3. an official letter of good conduct
  4. English language proficiency test scores for non-native English speakers
  5. An application fee of $20 or equivalent in Euro sent as a bank transfer to Bethlehem University’s bank  account:

Arab Bank – Bethlehem Branch #853
Address: Bethlehem-Palestine
Account Name: Bethlehem University
Account Number: 709444-510 (US Dollar Account)
709444-530 (Euro Account)
Swift Code: ARABPS22050

To begin the process, complete and submit the International Student Application Form.

For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at:


  • Comprehensive Tuition per credit hour (for academic credit):           $205
  • Comprehensive Tuition per credit hour (for audit):                           $190
  • NB: Above tuition includes computer fee, registration fee, ID fee, Accident/Insurance fee.

Housing Accommodations and Food

Students must make their own arrangements for housing at a hotel, hostel, pension, or private home in the Jerusalem or Bethlehem area. Reservations should be made well in advance or students have to arrive in Bethlehem several days before classes begin to find housing accommodations. Bethlehem University does not arrange student housing but the office of the Palestinian Arabic Institute can assist in providing information.

Should you need some assistance, send an email to:

To apply kindly complete this form, then send it to

International Students Request for Application

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