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Department of English

Mission Statement and Goals

The Department of English offers a baccalaureate degree in English Language and Literature. The program enables English major students to acquire competence in the various skills of the English language and a comprehensive knowledge of English literature. The Department also offers a program of service courses to all non-major freshmen and sophomore students at Bethlehem University.

Department Overall Goals

The English program:

  1. Enables students to develop independent critical thinking;
  2. Develops the students’ linguistic proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as grammar and vocabulary;
  3. Provides a basis for research which is appropriate to the field;
  4. Offers a broad and balanced curriculum in the English language and literature;
  5. Provides students with the skills to understand and appreciate the expressive resources of language;
  6. Offers students a knowledge and appreciation of the contextual approaches to the production and reception of literary and nonliterary texts;
  7. Promotes understanding of the formal esthetic dimensions of literary texts;
  8. Develops a range of subject specific and transferable skills, including high order conceptual, literacy, and communication skills of value in graduate employment;
  9. Provides a basis for further study in English or related disciplines;
  10. Provides an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying, within the distinctive framework of English; and
  11. Encourages in students a sense of enthusiasm for the subject and an appreciation of its continuing social and cultural importance.

English Department News

Department of English

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