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Department of Social Sciences

Meet the Chairperson

The Department of Social Sciences, which offers the B.A. degrees in Social Work and Sociology, has a long tradition of excellence in social sciences education. Since its inception in 1974, the Department has been engaged in preparing social workers and sociologists who can make a difference in the lives of the individuals, families, and groups they serve, as well as in the development of communities, the management of public and nonprofit human services organizations, and in the formulation of social policy.

The Department has contributed a number of assets to the Palestinian community. These include:

  • Diverse and talented students who are bright, highly motivated individuals from many different backgrounds and geographic locales;
  • Truly outstanding faculty, deeply committed to high-quality classroom instruction, superb field practicum learning opportunities, and cutting-edge research activities;
  • A comprehensive curriculum structured to provide a broad, solid foundation of social sciences knowledge and skills, as well as in-depth advanced knowledge and skill development in specialized areas of social sciences practice;
  • The commitment to serving the people of Palestine and the nation through research, training, and technical assistance activities;
  • International focus through exchange programs, study tours, lectures, and multi-cultural activities;
  • Continuing education opportunities for alumni and other human services practitioners;
  • Excellent physical facilities, including classrooms, computer lab, and study areas; and
  • Distinguished alumni working in a range of settings throughout Palestine and outside the nation.

Our Invitation to You

If you are talented, bright, embrace social work and the sociology profession’s values, and are committed to using evidence from research in policy and program development and outcomes-oriented practice, come join us at Bethlehem University in the Social Sciences Department, where a wealth of opportunity awaits you. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than preparing tomorrow’s professionals to ensure a better future for the community of humankind.


Department of Social Sciences

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