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Accounting Department

Meet the Chairperson

Dear visitor,

It is my privilege to introduce the Accounting Department to you. The department was established in 1992 as a distinct part of the Faculty of Business Administration with the aim of training students majoring in accounting, as well as those only taking accounting courses as a minor, with the needed skills to be able to compete in the market place. We are proud to find our graduates holding important positions in major companies in Palestine as well as in other countries.

The program that we have designed, and that we continually upgrade, matches accounting programs in top accounting schools in the world. By attending the program at Bethlehem University, a student gains appropriate knowledge that is the basis for further education whether academic or professional. Many of our graduates have pursued academic degrees in accounting while others preferred to work on professional certification such as the CPA or the CMA credentials. All of them were successful in their endeavors.

I hereby invite you to join us as a student, or help us achieve our quality education goal.

Fadi Kattan, PhD
Dean of the Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub Faculty of Business Administration
Chairperson of Accounting Department

Shucri Ibrahim Daboub Faculty of Business Administration

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