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Neonatal Nursing Program


Neonatal Nursing is a relatively new specialty in comparison with adult health, midwifery, or other areas of nursing. It aims to provide staff nurses with advanced level of knowledge and skills needed to provide comprehensive nursing care to special and critically ill newborns and their families.

Paradigm of courses

Higher Diploma in Neonatal Nursing

First Year





NENU 001

Cl. Prac.: Labor & Normal


NENU 002

Cl. Prac.: Neo.Intermed Care


NENU 500

Intro. to Neonatal Nursing


NENU 503

Neonatal Pharmacology


NENU 501

Neonatal Nursing I


NENU 504

Neonatal Nursing II


NENU 502

Neonatal Resuscitation






Second Year





NENU 003

Cl. Prac.: Neo. Inten. Care


NENU 000

Clinical Residency


NENU 505

Nursing Ethics


NENU 004

Cl. Prac.: Teach & Mgt.


NENU 506

Neonatal Nursing III


NENU 507

Neonatal Nurs. Research





NENU 508

Teaching &Management



Description of Courses

NENU 000 Clinical Residency (Cr. 0)

The purpose of the extended practicum (75 clinical hours) is to provide students with an opportunity to practice autonomy in neonatal clinical setting level II and III and to ensure competence in practice when making patient management, special and advanced technical skills, judgments and decisions, teaching and management in neonatal clinical setting. To pass this course students have to complete 400 hours in neonatal units.

NENU 001 Clinical Practicum: Labor and Normal Nursery  (Cr. 1)

This period of the practicum in labor and level I, a healthy newborn nursery, provides students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and the skills that are learned in NENU 500, 501, 503 to meet the needs of the healthy newborn and their family.

NENU 002 Clinical Practicum: Neonatal Intermediate Care  (Cr. 2)

The major focus of this period of the practicum is to enable students to work in level II, intermediate neonatal clinical setting, to apply the knowledge and skills that are presented in theory classes, and to develop competency in nursing skills specified for special newborns and their family.

NENU 003 Clinical Practicum: Neonatal Intensive Care  (Cr. 3)

This period of practicum provides the opportunity for students to work with a preceptor in level III, neonatal intensive care clinical setting, to consolidate material presented in theory classes, and to develop competency at advanced level skills to meet the needs of the critically ill newborns and their families.

NENU 004 Clinical Practicum: Teaching & Management (Cr. 2)

Students practice their role as clinical preceptor or mentor in dealing with newly employed nurses or with students who are practicing in the neonatal units. In addition, they assume the role of nursing manager in such a unit. Students have an opportunity in this course to continue their clinical practice in order to enrich their skills and promote their competency.

NENU 500 Introduction to Neonatal Nursing (Cr. 3)

This course focuses on many aspects beginning with the effect of the historical and societal context of neonatal nursing as a discipline, the developmental aspects of neonatal nursing roles, collaborative practice, and communication skills. Additional areas of focus include the changing family unit, the reaction of parents and siblings to admission, and the grieving process .

NENU 501 Neonatal Nursing I: Neonatal Physical and Developmental Health Assessment   (Cr. 3)

Emphasis in this course is placed on health promotion maintenance and prevention  of illness . This course concentrates on the healthy neonate, focusing on fetal growth and development and influencing factors. It also presents the nursing assessment of the neonate from birth to transfer or discharge. Assessment is addressed from many perspectives within the context of a family which include pre- and postnatal risk factors, assessment of gestational age, physical and developmental assessment, family and cultural assessment, along with diagnostic analysis and monitoring as a basis for planning, implementing, and evaluating an appropriate routine nursing care at birth and on admission to neonatal unit. Mother/baby relationship and influencing factors are also a focus. Topics address developmental care of a healthy newborn, family interaction, health education, and discharge planning. Clinical needed: NENU 001 (1cr.)

NENU 502 Neonatal Resuscitation  (Cr. 1)

This is a structured educational program that introduces concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation. This course aims at providing opportunities to acquire special knowledge and skills in neonatal resuscitation. Students utilize the American Academy of Neonatal Resuscitation Text, which must be completed prior to the classroom test date.

NENU 503 Neonatal Pharmacology (Cr. 1)

This course helps students acquire a broad knowledge of neonatal medicine. General pharmacological principles that influence drug actions in the newborn are outlined. Nursing responsibilities including accuracy of dosage calculation, preparation, administration, and monitoring for the therapeutic effect and the side effects of specific medication to the newborn as well as teaching parents are crucial in the care of the neonate.

NENU 504 Neonatal Nursing II: Intermediate Neonatal Nursing  (Cr. 6)

This course helps students recognize and understand the most common neonatal disorders that affect at-risk neonates in level II, intermediate neonatal care. Content focuses on pathophysiology clinical manifestations, diagnostic and therapeutic measures, comprehensive nursing care, discharge planning, as well as preventive measures. This course also focuses on knowledge, attitude, and skills required to begin practicing neonatal nursing care specific to the needs of at risk neonates and family in level II. Family interaction and teaching are also an essential component. These are essential for students to provide holistic competent care. Clinical needed: NENU 002 (2 cr.)

NENU 505 Nursing Ethics  (Cr. 1)

This course provides students insight into neonatal nursing practice issues. An overview of ethical principles, an awareness of recurring ethical issues in neonatal care, moral dilemmas and tools in order to approach decision making are a major focus of this course along with legal aspects.

NENU 506 Neonatal Nursing III: Critical Care Neonatal Nursing (Cr. 6)

Advanced concepts in neonatal nursing are studied. This course focuses on the less common and more serious health challenges that the critically ill newborn experiences. Neonatal pathophysiology therapeutic care nursing management, discharge planning, and family teaching are discussed,   conditions that commonly result in admission to the neonatal intensive care unit. Discussions utilize case studies based on current research in nursing and related fields. This course also provides students with specialized knowledge and technical skills required for practicing advanced neonatal nursing skills in the intensive care unit. This is essential to enable students to provide holistic and competent care to meet the needs of the critically ill neonates and their families. Clinical needed: NENU 003 (2 cr.)

NENU 507 Neonatal Nursing Research  (Cr. 2)

This course focuses on research methods and design needed for systemic investigation and expansion of neonatal nursing knowledge. Students improve their knowledge and skills needed for conducting research and become aware of specific research evidence that relates to practice.

NENU 508 Teaching and Management in Neonatal Nursing (Cr. 3)

This course explores areas of nursing clinical supervision, preceptorship, and mentoring in the neonatal units. It also emphasizes human resources management, planning, and organization of health services. Students learn their role in effecting and managing change in their clinical areas.


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