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Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship

For the third year in a row, the Mathematics department organized the participation of four high school students in The Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship, which was held in Rome from 9 Jul 2017 to 12 Jul 2017.

Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship MYMC poised to encourage Mediterranean youth, both male and female, to develop an interest in Mathematics, a discipline which has been of great importance for the growth of the cultural community of the Mediterranean, with its many nations and religions. 

Mediterranean Mathematics Olympiad - July 2016

Under the supervision of the chairperson Dr. Haifa Konkar the Mathematics Department held a screening level exam for a number of students coming from different high schools in Bethlehem area, where the best four students will be participating in the Mediterranean Mathematics Competition (Olympiad) in Rome next July 2016. 

بإشراف الدّكتورة هيفاء قنقر عُقد في دائرة الرياضيات امتحان مستوى لطلبة بعض مدارس محافظة بيت لحم، حيث سيشارك أفضل أربعة منهم في أولمبياد البحر الأبيض المتوسّط للرياضيات في روما، وذلك في شهر تمّوز عام 2016.

A Visit to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics – Ramallah

The Mathematics Department under the supervision of Dr. Huwaida Rabie arranged for a visit last Thursday 7/4/2016 to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics in Ramallah. Dr. Haifa Kuncar and Dr. Huwaida Rabie accompanied the junior math students in this visit.

Mr. Loay Shihada, Director General, Cabinet Unit/Director of Public Relations and Ms. Amal Badran, Head of Administration for Planning and Training, and other staff welcomed the group to the Center.

Students had the chance to watch video about what the center does and toured the center.  Students attended also a power-point presentation about how the consumer price index is calculated. The visit was very informative and hopefully encouraged students to pursue their higher education in Applied Statistics.

To view the pictures, please click here.

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