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Second Palestine Programming Olympiad

Computer Information Systems Students participated in the Second Palestine Programming Olympiad. The Olympiad took place in An-Najah National University from 14th to 15th of October 2016 for twenty four continuous hours. The team participated is: Sari Masri, Sara Ahmad, and Mayssam Jubran.

شارك طلبة أنظمة المعلومات الحاسوبيّة في أولمبياد فلسطين البرمجي الثّاني والذي أقيم في كليّة الهندسة وتكنولوجيا المعلومات في جامعة النجاح في 14-15 تشرين الأوّل 2016 وعلى مدار 24 ساعة متواصلة. وتمّت المشاركة بفريق مكوّن من: سري مصري، سارة سيد أحمد، وميسم جبران.

ACM Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest 2016


Computer Information Systems Students participated under the supervision and training of Ms. Rawan Gedeon in the ACM Palestinian Collegiate Programming Contest 2016. The contest was hosted in An-Najah National University and took place on Monday, 3 and Tuesday, 4 October 2016. Two teams participated; Team one: Sari Masri, Nasri Yatim and Mayssam Jubran. Team two: Sara Ahmad, Randa Mohammad and Duha Herbawi.


Faculty of Science Social Committee

On Wed Sep 28, 2016, the Science Social Committee invited all science members for lunch at Abu Ellie Restaurant in the occasion of honoring Dr. Hanna Hallak and Dr. Fouad Bannoura for their retiree.

Participation in the Fifth Annual International Symposium

Ms. Reem Zeitoun from the Chemistry Department participated in the Fifth Annual International Symposium on Lasallian Research at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in the USA from 25-27 of September 2016. Ms. Reem presented a proposal entitled “Evaluation of chemical composition of the essential oil of Laurus nobilis L. leaves and fruits from different regions in Palestine”.

Internships at Manhattan College, June 12 until August 5, 2016

Bethlehem University students Sari Masri and Nasri Yatime pursued their McGuckin internships at Manhattan College; this provided them with the opportunity to live independently in New York City while gaining valuable experience in their respective fields. 

Nasri, a Computer Information Systems major, worked on a project storing and analyzing data from the popular social media website Twitter.  Sari, is also a Computer Information Systems major, and his project dealt with robotics engineering.  Under the excellent guidance of the Manhattan College faculty, both Sari and Nasri were able to acquire valuable programming, data management, and problem solving skills that will certain prove an asset in their future careers.

Mediterranean Mathematics Olympiad - July 2016

Under the supervision of the chairperson Dr. Haifa Konkar the Mathematics Department held a screening level exam for a number of students coming from different high schools in Bethlehem area, where the best four students will be participating in the Mediterranean Mathematics Competition (Olympiad) in Rome next July 2016. 

بإشراف الدّكتورة هيفاء قنقر عُقد في دائرة الرياضيات امتحان مستوى لطلبة بعض مدارس محافظة بيت لحم، حيث سيشارك أفضل أربعة منهم في أولمبياد البحر الأبيض المتوسّط للرياضيات في روما، وذلك في شهر تمّوز عام 2016.

A Visit to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics – Ramallah

The Mathematics Department under the supervision of Dr. Huwaida Rabie arranged for a visit last Thursday 7/4/2016 to the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics in Ramallah. Dr. Haifa Kuncar and Dr. Huwaida Rabie accompanied the junior math students in this visit.

Mr. Loay Shihada, Director General, Cabinet Unit/Director of Public Relations and Ms. Amal Badran, Head of Administration for Planning and Training, and other staff welcomed the group to the Center.

Students had the chance to watch video about what the center does and toured the center.  Students attended also a power-point presentation about how the consumer price index is calculated. The visit was very informative and hopefully encouraged students to pursue their higher education in Applied Statistics.

To view the pictures, please click here.

Expotech 2014

The Computer Information Systems department has organized a visit to Expotech 2014 on Tuesday November 11. Students from second, third and fourth year joined the trip. There students had a chance to talk to the different ICT companies about products these companies offer. Students showed a particular interest in the software development companies; students asked about the technologies that they use to develop software.

The theme of Expotech was about Smart Cities, Students got a chance to see systems being developed for Municipalities so that they can run their work efficiently.

After spending two hours in Expotech. We headed to see Rawabi; the smart city being built from scratch. Students showed interest to learn about the infrastructure of this new city. To see the picture click here.

Artificial Intelligence Field Trip

On Sunday November 2nd 2014, the Artificial Intelligence students attended a workshop in Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education & Scientific Innovation in Birzeit. Dr. Suhail Odeh and Ms. Rawan Gedeon organized this visit. The purpose was to teach students to build and command Robotics to do certain missions.

When we arrived at Al-Nayzak, we were welcomed by AL-Nayzak staff. They explained briefly about the history of the building. Then we toured the three exhibits about: Physics, Chemistry and Telecommunication. After that we headed to the Robotics Lab for the workshop that lasted three hours. The presenter started by explaining the wide use of Robotics. Then he explained the different parts of the Robot. Later on, students were divided into groups of three and were given Robotics Kits. Following a set of instructions each group built a robot. Then they programmed it to perform a specific task such as walking on a certain line or color.

Students found the workshop very useful as well as entertaining as they got a chance to apply what they learn in the classroom. At the end, we toured the scientific garden that displayed different kinds of experiments, thanked the staff for their hospitality and took a group photo.

Honoring the Faculty Distinguished Students

The Faculty of Science celebrated honoring its distinguished students for Spring 2014 on Thursday, 6 November 2014. The dean of the faculty, chairpersons, and the entire faculty members congratulate their students and wish them all the best in their academic endeavors. To view some pictures of the event please click here.  

احتفلت كليّة العلوم يوم أمس الخميس الموافق 6 تشرين الثاني 2014، بتكريم طلبتها المتفوّقين لربيع 2014. تهنّئ عميدة الكليّة ورؤساء دوائرها وكافّة أساتذتها طلبة الكليّة متمنّين لهم دوام النجاح والتوفيق. لمشاهدة صور التكريم التذكاريّة الرجاء الضغط هنا.

Cover Page of Journal

The Cover Page of Advanced Materials Journal (Impact Factor 14.5) was taken from the article published by Dr. Jamal Ghabboun et Al. from the Physics Department in collaboration with colleagues. (See full article for more information: Comparative Electrostatic Force Microscopy of Tetra - and Intra - Molecular G4-DNA, Gideon I. Livshits, Jamal Ghabboun, Natalia Borovok, Alexander B. Kotlyar and Danny Porath. Volume 26, Issue 29, pages 4981-4985, August 6, 2014).  

لقد تمّ قبول نشر صورة غلاف مجلّة "مواد متقدّمة" للدكتور جمال غبّون عن المقالة العلميّة: دراسة مقارنة التترا والإنترا G4-DNA باستخدام مكبّر القوى الإلكتروستاتيكيّة. مجلّد 26، عدد 29، آب، سنة 2014.

 To view the Cover Page clickCover Page

The UAEGDA Research Award

From the Dean of Science:

Congratulations to Prof. Moien Kanaan, Hereditary Research Lab, for receiving the significant award from His Royal Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture and Social Development – UAE and President of UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA). The UAEGDA Research Award is given in recognition of an extraordinary level of creativity and intellectual ingenuity in solving significant problems in genetic research.  The award has been given to Prof. Kanaan on the regional category. Dr. Kanaan was nominated for his work on the genetic basis of inherited anomalies in the Palestinian population. The award was announced during the 5th National Genetic Diseases Conference held in Dubai 14th – 17th September 2014.

من عميد كلية العلوم:

ألف مبروك للبروفيسور معين كنعان، مختبر الأبحاث الوراثيّة، لحصوله على جائزة سمو الشيخ نهيان بن مبارك آل نهيان، وزير الثقافة والتطوير الاجتماعي في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة، ورئيس الجمعية الإماراتية للأمراض الوراثية. وقد استحق البروفيسور كنعان هذه الجائزة تقديرًا للبحث الوراثي المُبدع والخلّاق لعام 2014-2015 على المستوى الإقليمي. وقد تمّ الإعلان عن هذه الجائزة في المؤتمر الوطني الخامس للأمراض الوراثيّة والذي عُقد في دبي من 14 - 17 / 9 / 2014.


Fourth Palestinian Conference

Dr. Haifa Konkar, Dean of Science and Math department chair has participated in the fourth Palestinian conference on modern trends in mathematics and physics that was held in Al Quds University from Aug. 11 to August 13, 2014. She shared with the audience a presentation and participated in the panel discussion as well, about why students avoid choosing mathematics as their major at the university level. This was based on a survey done in cooperation with Ms. Salwa Qumri and Mr. Wasim Zoughbi. Dr. Huwaida Rabie from the mathematics department attended the conference as well.  

شاركت الدكتورة هيفاء قنقر، عميدة كليّة العلوم ورئيسة دائرة الرياضيّات، في المؤتمر الفلسطيني الرابع حول الاتجاهات الحديثة في الرياضيّات والفيزياء الذي عقد في جامعة القدس ابتداءً من 11 آب ولغاية 13 آب، 2014. قدّمت الدكتورة للحضور عرضًا خاصًّا حول أسباب عزوف الطلاب عن اختيار مادة الرياضيّات كتخصصٍ رئيسٍ على مستوى الجامعة، كما كان لها مشاركة على منصّة النقاش. كانت المشاركة هذه مبنيّة على مسحٍ عُمِل بالتعاون مع الأستاذة سلوى قُمْري والسيّد وسيم الزغبي. كما حضر المؤتمر الدكتورة هويدة ربيع من دائرة الرياضيّات.

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