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Math Department

Meet the Chairperson

Welcome to the Mathematics Department at Bethlehem University. The department is hosted in the Science building that includes two specialized computer laboratories and electronically equipped classrooms.

You will find faculty members across the department who has a strong commitment to provide a supportive environment for the learning of mathematics. The teaching strategies are revised continuously, and our mathematics students are exposed to different teaching and learning approaches such as class discussions, problem-solving activities, and student presentations. The department encourages independent learning and problem-based learning in mathematics; it is required by our students to get involved in projects where they submit a written report and an oral presentation in their senior year.

The department offers a variety of courses for the mathematics major students and a combination of education math courses to prepare students to teach math for the middle school. We also provide opportunity for students from other disciplines to learn mathematics and its application, and to explore the beauty of mathematics.

The department encourages their graduates to pursue a post-graduate degree in mathematics or related fields and tries its best to allocate scholarships for their distinguished students. Many of our graduates who had this opportunity are now holders of a master’s degree or Ph.D. in mathematics, and currently hold prestigious positions at different national and international universities and institutions. We pride ourselves by the achievements of our graduates.

I invite you to explore the website for more information on our program.

Mathematics Department

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