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Advancement Office

Mission Statement

The Advancement Office promotes a positive image of Bethlehem University and raises awareness of University programs and achievements. The Office assists faculty and staff in raising funds to enable the University to maintain and further enhance its mission of quality teaching, research and community service.

The Advancement Office include Development, Communications, Guest Relations, German Development and Alumni Relations. Together, they are responsible for broad areas of communication and capital development, coordinating the networking of the University with donors, funding agencies, alumni, and corporations and foundations.

In order to enhance the positive impact of Bethlehem University within the Palestinian society, funding support from external persons, foundations, and organizations is necessary.  To successfully seek funding support from external persons, foundations, and organizations, it is helpful to promote the achievements and positive impacts of Bethlehem University, especially those of the faculty, staff, students and graduates.

Consequently, to fulfill their responsibilities, the staff of the Advancement Office must be in communication and coordination with administrators, deans, chairpersons, faculty, and staff of the University to know their funding needs and plans for future growth as well as with alumni, funding organizations, and individuals who are in Palestine and around the globe who may be able to these needs.

The Advancement Offices:

Brother Belayneh Medhanit
Br. Belayneh Medhanit, FSC
Vice President for Advancement
Phone: 02-2741241 ext. 2265 

 Haifa Lama
Haifa Lama
Phone: 02-2741241 ext. 2055



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