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Office of Human Resources & Administrative Affairs


Professional Tips                                                                                                                                                                                     

Ideal Ego and a Career Plan December 2014 English  
What is your response to change November 2014
Balancing "We" and "Me" October 2014 English  
LEADERSHIP - 21st-Century Talent Spotting September 2014 English  
Punished by Rewards  May 2014 English  
Easier, Safer, Faster Records Management April 2014 English   
How Managers Become Leaders March 2014 English  
What 's the Difference between Creativity and Innovation?  February 2014 English   
Connect, Then Lead January 2014 English  
Be Happier: 10 Things to Start Doing Right Now December 2013 English  
The Power of Small Wins November 2013 English  
Tips on Writing October 2013 English  
Writing a Concept Paper September 2013 English  
How Do You View Your Job: Passion or Pay? May 2013 English  
How to become an outstanding employee... April 2013 English  
Is It Better To Single-Task or Multi-Task  March 2013 English
Self-Evaluation and Tips February 2013 English  
Top 10 Principles of Employee Empowerment  January 2013 English  
Seven Tips for Getting History on Your Side Nov./Dec. 2012 English  
Become More of an Optimist October 2012 English  
Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals September 2012 English  
Useful Tips On Setting Goals And Achieving Them May 2012 English  
The Exceptional Administrative Professionals Creed April 2012 English  
Ladies First March 2012 English  
Colleges Should Teach Intellectual Virtues Feb 2012 English  
Levels of Decision Making in the Workplace Jan 2012 English  
Are You Happy or Frustrated in Your Job? Dec 2011 English  
"I’m Sorry!"— What a Powerful Tool ! Oct 2011 English  
Take Initiative at Work, Take Success Home Sept 2011 English  
Relax!: How Vacations and Weekends Impact Well-Being and Job Performance May 2011 English  
International Association of Administrative Professionals April 2011 English  
Six Characteristics of a Great Employee March 2011 English  
Are You A Good Boss - Or A Great One ? Feb 2011 English  
Value of Job Rotation Jan 2011 English Arabic
The Employee-Boss Relationship Dec 2010 English  
Daily Tips for Wellbeing Nov 2010 English Arabic
Building a respectful workplace Oct 2010 English  
How to Interview and Hire - Top People Each and Every Time Sept 2010 English  
The Power of a Positive Attitude Dicovering the Key to Success May 2010 English  
The Power of Commitment April 2010 English  
The first person you have to manage every day is yourself March 2010 English  
The Thirty DON’TS of Success Feb 2010 English  
5 Ways to Wow Your Boss Jan 2010 English  
Building Organizational Accountability Dec 2008 English  
Taking Personal Accountability Nov 2009 English  
10 Minutes to a more Productive Day Oct 2009 English  
Tips for Better Communication Sept 2009 English  
Problem Solving Hints and Wisdom May 2009 English  
Excellence in Action April 2009 English  
Appreciative Inquiry March 2008 English  
Email Etiquette Feb 2009 English  
Why Sleep Is So Important Jan 2009 English  
A Proposal Writing Lesson Plan Dec 2008 English  
5 Tips for Diffusing Personality Conflicts Nov 2008 English Arabic
How the Best Get Better and Stay That Way Oct 2008 English  
How to Accept Criticism While at Work Sept 2008 English Arabic
Increase Job Satisfaction May 2008 English Arabic
Ten Tips for Staying Happy at Work April 2008 English  
Relational Model of Leadership Mar 2008 English Arabic
Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time Feb 2008 English Arabic
10 Benefits of Living with Integrity Jan 2008 English Arabic
How To Provide Feedback That Has an Impact Dec 2007 English  
Avoiding Offensive Behavior on the Job Nov 2007   Arabic
Establishing a Healthy Supervisor/Employee Relationship Oct 2007 English Arabic
Top Ten Qualities of an Outstanding Team Player Sept 2007 English  
Winning Your Employees' Trust May 2007 English Arabic
Shaping the Future - Administrative Professionals Day Apr 2007 English  
Productive vs. Unproductive Mar 2007 English Arabic
Going the Extra Mile Feb 2007 English  
Have You Ever Developed Your Personal Mission Statement? Jan 2007 English  
How to Prevent and Rid Youself of Burnout Dec 2006 English Arabic
Teams At Work: 7 Keys to Success Nov 2006 English  
Changing Roles Oct 2006 English  
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