Mission and Objectives

The English Department aims to equip undergraduate students and future/prospective citizen-leaders with a solid knowledge of English as a means of communication that provides its graduates access to the world and to the global job market.  The study of the English Language and Literature equips the students with the necessary linguistic/language skills, multi-cultural awareness, openness to the vast diversity both locally and globally, and a critical understanding of a fast-changing world.  The program prepares students to be global citizens capable of advocating their personal and national interests using English as a means of communication and cross-cultural interaction in all fields.

اخبار كلية الآداب

برنامج الإعلام التفاعلي في جامعة بيت لحم ووزارة الإعلام تطلقان جائزة شيرين أبو عاقلة

May 17, 2022

أعلنت دائرة اللغة العربيّة – برنامج الإعلام التفاعلي في جامعة…

يوم دراسي لدائرة الدراسات الدينية

April 1, 2022

نظمت دائرة الدراسات الدينية يوم الجمعة 1 نيسان 2022، يومًا…

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