Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Accounting Department is to advance the knowledge and practice of accounting by providing high-quality accounting instruction and service to students.  The Department of Accounting shares with Bethlehem University its mission to make student learning a central focus. We aim at developing students who are equipped with superior skills, integrity, and professional attitude. We prepare our students for a lifelong career path in the accounting field. Our students are not only equipped with knowledge of modern accounting theories, but are also sensitive to ethical issues, have an understanding of legal and economic issues, and are technically proficient to add value to their profession.

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لقاءات عمل لتأسيس رابطة الجامعات الفلسطينية العامة

January 19, 2023

ضمن إطار العمل المشترك وتعميق التعاون بين الجامعات الفلسطينية العامة،…

ندوة أدبية عن المفكر والأديب جبرا إبراهيم جبرا في ذكرى وفاته

January 18, 2023

في شهر إحياء اللغة العربية والاحتفاء برموزها الأدبية والنقدية، عقدت…

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