Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Bethlehem University Library is to serve the academic community of students, administration, faculty, and staff by providing materials, resources, services, and facilities to meet curriculum-related needs. The library pursues this mission through acquiring, organizing, and maintaining the requisite information resources, equipment, and materials in various formats; by providing production of audiovisual materials; and by creating an environment conducive to learning. Additionally, the library makes its resources and services available to visiting researchers and Bethlehem University graduates. The library serves as a vital component of the educational mission of the University


  1. Provide collections and services to meet the needs and interests of the academic community.
  2. Promote the awareness and use of the Library’s resources and services.
  3. Coordinate and open channels of communication with the university faculties and departments for the sake of developing the Library’s collection and improving the services.
  4. Utilize appropriate technologies to maintain and improve Library operation and services.
  5. Develop and maintain mutual relationships with other libraries in the region and with cultural and educational institutions.
  6. Attract and develop qualified and highly motivated staff that is service-oriented. Create a work atmosphere of professional competence to achieve high standards of performance and productivity.
  7. Provide and maintain appropriate and upgraded facilities to enrich the learning-teaching process.

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