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External Academic Relations 

Name: Jumana Kaplanian

MA Graduate 2014 from University of Oxford Brooks in UK

The opportunity to study abroad in the United Kingdom and to attain my Master’s degree in Psychology has been the fulfilment of a dream in my educational life. The courses of Psychology that I studied at the University of Oxford Brookes in Oxford have provided me with many skills, for example; the skill of critically reading a psychological article, being able to carry out statistical analysis to address certain research questions, and many other skills that were not covered by my previous study back in my home country. I believe that studying abroad offered me the possibility of receiving the complete picture of all aspects of this field.

I believe that after attaining my Master’s degree and going back to my country I can make a real difference in lives of patients and improve their quality of life so I can give back to my community. As you surely know, for decades the West Bank has suffered from political, social and economic strife. This has created a very large group of people (mostly children) who suffer from various emotional and psychological traumas. Unfortunately, there are few institutions and qualified psychologists to deal with these issues. Therefore, it has always been my wish to be able to contribute to their well-being and healing process through accurate and professional diagnosis. In addition, I would be happy to contribute in teaching Psychology at Bethlehem University and help other students benefit from the knowledge and experiences gained through my study. I am very interested in this degree and I’m sure my strong academic background combined with practical experience would be greatly helpful in my career in teaching.

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