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Over the years Bethlehem University has established a first-class reputation for the preparation of Nursing students.  Large numbers apply for the very limited number of spaces available, and nearly all students take up employment upon completion of their courses.

Over the years, the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences has extended its programs to include Midwifery, Oncology, Palliative Care, Critical Care, Management Skills, Neonatal, Physio and Occupational Therapy. The new building will also house the Clinical Simulation Center, the first of its kind in Palestine

The new Nursing  Facility will provide 24 teaching spaces – classrooms, laboratories, clinics, debriefing, and discussion rooms,

Bethlehem University is confident that the decision to relocate, expand and upgrade the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences will ensure our excellent reputation in this field is enhanced, and the people of Bethlehem and Palestine will have first-class health professionals well into the future.

Construction is estimated to cost USD 4,500,000.  Bethlehem University has so far received gifts of $3,496,333 and a further $733,367 has been pledged.

Friends and supporters of Bethlehem University throughout the world are helping to make this become a reality.  We call on all our friends to consider supporting this initiative through an extraordinary gift, as another $1.1 million is still needed to furnish and equip the building after construction.

Building Fundraising Progress


$3,634,208 Raised
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