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Bethlehem University Vocational Training Curriculum for the Tourism Industry

Food Safety & Sanitation  Cluster

FSS-120 Module: Advanced Food Safety

Module Description & Objectives:

This capstone Food Safety course will identify and explain HACCP principles and provide students the skills to create a complete HACCP plan and self-inspection. Students will be prepared to pass an international food safety manager certification exam.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this module, a participant should have the ability to:

1.      Identify the main causes of food borne illnesses their symptoms, source/mode of transmission and associated foods

2.      Identify and explain the seven HACCP principles.

a.      Prepare a flow chart for a ready to eat food and identify the critical control points.

b.      Prepare a flow chart for a cook and serve food and identify the critical control points.

c.       Prepare a flow chart for a food that is prepared in advance and identify the critical control points.

d.      Prepare a complete HACCP plan for a food that is prepared in advance.

3.      Identify specialized processes that require stringent food safety measures including a HACCP plan

4.      Discuss the importance of and conduct a self-inspection

Prior Learning/Prerequisites:


Program Duration & Capacity:

2 sessions of 3 (three) hours per session

Target Group:

Managers and Supervisors: Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers


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