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Bethlehem University: "Pray for our graduates in the Gaza Strip"





Thu, 07/24/2014 - 14:16




By Brother Stephen Tuohy
Vice President for Advancement, Bethlehem University

The war in Gaza rages on, and Bethlehem University can only offer prayers for the people of Gaza and its 435 graduates, many of whom have been hiding in their homes, schools, mosques and in churches since the start of this offensive. Many more have no place to hide, but on the streets where as reported the stench of death kills.

Concern is mounting about our graduates in Gaza as many have not responded to our contacts through social media and phone.

We are very lucky to have received as Bethlehem University many messages inquiring about our safety here in Bethlehem. For all of you, we say THANK YOU, but do remember us and our graduates in Gaza in your prayers.

Team members of the Advancement Office at Bethlehem University have been able to connect with several of our graduates.

Rana Al-Sayegh, BU'99, with her 4 children were hiding in the corridor of her flat when we rang her yesterday morning. "I am not sure how to keep my children safe, several buildings around me were all brought to the ground... I am so worried, but happy that you called me," Rana said and has asked we pray for them.

Our Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray, was able to speak over the phone to the mother of Berlanty Azzam, a BU Graduate of 2010, who is currently working in the US. Berlanty was not allowed to continue her studies at Bethlehem University by the Israeli Authority simply because she came from Gaza, but Bethlehem University enabled her to graduate through distance learning while in Gaza.

Berlanty's mother asked Brother Peter to pray for her and her family. "Our lives are unbearable, we are very scared, and several houses in our neighborhood have completely vanished".

Mohammed Abu Hawila, BU '89, who is an UNRWA School Deputy Principal in Gaza City, told us that while his immediate family is safe, several of his friends have perished, and many more have been seriously injured. He told us: "a lot of people moved to live in the school classes where I work. As many as 60 people are living in a small room in a very difficult situation, may God help them."

To all our graduates in the Gaza Strip, we are praying for you and hope this will come to an end very soon.

To all our friends and supporters, we ask you to pray for the people of Gaza at these hard times, and we also ask you to pray for us so that Bethlehem University may continue to be a "Beacon of Hope and an Oasis of Peace" in this Holy, but troubled Land.

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