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Violence Affects Bethlehem University


From: Christians Brothers Conference

July 15, 2014

Violence Affects Bethlehem University  

Violence Affects Bethlehem University         

Recent violence and attacks in the Gaza Strip have increased the number of roadblocks and checkpoints in the occupied Palestinian Territory, making travel to and from the Bethlehem University campus in Palestine more difficult and time consuming for some students and faculty.          

Prompted by the violence between Israel and Hamas, the university granted the Student Senate’s request to suspend one class on Monday, July 14, and come together in an expression of solidarity.                                            

Students used their voices to protest human rights violations and the rising death toll in Gaza as a result of the rocket attacks. A significant percentage of students and faculty live in Jerusalem and travel to Bethlehem on a regular basis, which is a few miles away. University administration has requested that faculty be understanding of those students who aren’t able to attend classes during this time.   

Lasallians are urged to keep Bethlehem University and those affected in their prayers during this difficult time.

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