Bachelor of Science Major in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. The major in Chemistry provides students with the basic and adequate knowledge (theory and practice) that enables them to have a solid understanding of the pure and applied chemistry in various fields such as organic, analytical, general, physical and quantum chemistry.  Graduates can pursue graduate studies smoothly and may work as teachers or at any research institute or chemical company. The main language of instruction in the Chemistry Major is English.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program concentrates on providing opportunities for students to show outstanding performance at the following three levels:

  • Subject knowledge and understanding.
  • Intellectual skills related to the subject.
  • Transferable skills and attitudes.

These learning outcomes may be achieved by providing the following:

  1. Introduction of a wide range of chemistry topics, leading from the fundamentals, in the first two years, to the limits of existing knowledge in selected and advanced topics by the final year.
  2. Reasoning through unfamiliar problems. Reason: means that students use critical and analytical thinking through various problems to be able to understand, analyze and solve.
  3. The tools to investigate a topic in depth, in order to find a systematic approach in analyzing and building up knowledge to reach a solution. In other words the scientific approach to solve a problem under question.
  4. The skills to communicate their knowledge, both writing (report, paper writing using computers) and verbally (in using clearly the scientific language).
  5. The development of teamwork and leadership abilities as well as for “safe laboratory practice”. This is in terms of experimental laboratory work, group experimental and field projects.
  6. The development of self-sufficiency, adaptability and the skills needed to acquire new techniques.
  7. Efficiency in using the information acquired, which can be measured by the students’ ability of designing an excellent senior seminar as well as writing special projects to be presented in their sophomore and junior years.
  8. Skills in solving problems of a chemical nature, and in the interpretation of chemical data.

Career Opportunities

Most Chemistry graduates work as school teachers in the governmental or private sector, while others find jobs in local industry. Chemistry graduates compete at high levels in their careers, and some of our graduates were able to complete graduate school very successfully.

The awareness of the needs in the Palestinian society is manifested by the contact of the Chemistry Department with the Ministry of Education, with local industry and through continual contact with the chemistry graduates.

The Chemistry Department uses as a reference the needs of the Palestinian Society as well as the expertise of the Faculty members and the aims and objectives of the Universities of the world.

The members of the Chemistry Department through meetings and personal contacts with the students, the graduates and with other department members contribute to the aims and objectives and agree on them.