Bachelor in Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program provides students with knowledge and skills that enable them to design, code, test and manage quality-measured software systems. Faculty members together with industry partners will work to produce graduates with outstanding professional and practical skills. Software Engineering major includes studying and practicing the software development process, in addition to the algorithm and data process needed to develop an innovative software that solves a specific problem.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and implement the best practices of software engineering to develop high-performance, maintainable software:
  • Capture, analyze and document computing system requirements.
  • Translate system requirements into an implementable software design.
  • Design test strategies to verify correct and robust software functionality.
  1. Analyze, localize and solve problems in complex software systems.
  2. Acquire new knowledge and technical skills through self-learning.
  3. Understand computer essentials sufficiently to be prepared to pursue graduate studies in ICT
  4. Engage in life-long learning for emerging technologies and their implications for ICT.
  5. Understand current issues in software development which impact society.
  6. Communicate effectively in oral and written formats in both technical and non-technical environments.
  7. Work effectively as a team member.

Career Opportunities

  1. Software developer مطور برمجيات
  2. Programmer مبرمج
  3. Systems administrator إدارة أنظمة
  4. Software tester and Quality Assurance فحص جاهزية البرمجيات وجودة النوعية
  5. Software Engineer مهندس برمجيات
  6. Web developer and User Interface Designer مطور ومصمم صفحات ومنصات ويب
  7. Database administrator إدارة قواعد بيانات
  8. Analyst and Systems Designer محلل ومصمم أنظمة
  9. Software Architect
  10. Software Troubleshooter and Maintainer
  11. Software Operational Engineer


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