Higher Diploma in Emergency Nursing

The Higher Diploma Program in Emergency Nursing started in 2003.  It is the first program of its kind in Palestine.  The main goal of this program is to develop the nursing personnel in the advanced clinical field of emergency nursing in order to improve the quality of nursing care for patients. This program made of 32 credit hours

Program Learning Outcomes

The program’s graduates should be at a level of qualification and competency to be able to:

  • Provide emergency care to client’s that is evidence based.
  • Complete psychological, physical and social assessments for the patients.
  • Offer first aid for the patients.
  • Deal with patients according to priority.
  • Categorize the patient according to their need especially when he/she has group of patients.
  • Collaborate with other health team, clients and families professionally when giving emergency care.
  • Make researches for certain phenomenon that face them in the (E.D.) and need further investigation.
  • Offer health education for the patient for his/her condition, treatment and follow up before leaving emergency room.
  • Planning for new policies and strategies which facilitate the work at the emergency department.
  • Practice as preceptor in his/her unit for the nurses who work at E.D. and for students through special orientation program.
  • Concentrate on documentation in a scientific way.
  • Manage effectively in case (natural hazards e.g. earthquakes) or with accidents or home damages…etc.
  • Update their information and continue their education in order to develop themselves professionally.
  • Have the willingness to participate in the innovation of the emergency nursing practice.
  • Develop an effective learning and reflective skills which will promote the achievement of ongoing professional development and educational goals.
  • Enhance leadership skills and initiation of change that improve the emergency nursing care practice.