Yacoub Sleibi, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Dr Yacoub Sleibi, Assistant Professor of Finance


Dr Yacoub Sleibi holds a PhD in Financial Economics from Newcastle University Business School (UK). He obtained a Master of Science degree in Global Finance and Banking with Distinction from Bradford University School of Management (UK), and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Bethlehem University. As an applied econometrician, Dr Sleibi is currently researching different areas in financial economics and empirical banking including the endogeneity between finance and the real sector, the propagation of banking shocks between financial markets, and the co-movement in global capital flows.

Dr Sleibi acts regularly as an invited reviewer for multiple 3* and 2* CABS journals, this includes the International Journal of Finance and EconomicsEconomic Modelling and Finance research letters, among others. He also presents his work in international conferences in the UK, Italy, France, and Greece.

Dr Sleibi holds a fellowship of the UK Advance Higher Education. He previously held lectureship positions at Newcastle University, University of Essex and Huddersfield University. He taught modules for postgraduate students including econometrics, financial theory, corporate finance, investment banking and intermediate macroeconomics.

In regards to learning and teaching practices, Dr Sleibi belongs to the pedagogical school of thought that treats students as producers of knowledge rather than only consumers of knowledge. In this vein, his teaching philosophy is centred on student engagement and motivation through domains of research-led-teaching and lenses of inquiry-based-learning. This demonstrates his commitment to learning, teaching and supporting students.

Memberships of professional organizations

–  London Institute of Banking and Finance, member

–  International Association of Applied Economics, member

–  Economic Research Forum, research associate

Contact Info:

Email: ysleibi@bethlehem.edu

Office: M-205
Tel: 2450

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