MGAPS – Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures

The required steps to complete registration for MGAPS Program are as follows:

Step 1: The MGAPS Application Packet will be available either at MICAD/MGAPS office at Bethlehem University or online by accessing the following link:

The application fee is 500 NIS that can be paid in one of the following two methods:

  • If the application is obtained from the office, payment is accepted in cash and a username and password will be given directly to the applicant.
  • If the application is accessed online, payment using a credit card can be made. A username and password will be sent by SMS (for local mobile numbers only) and to the applicants’ email upon payment.

Step 2: Access the online application form and enter all the required information maximum by July 30, 2021Do not forget to print out the application after completing it.

Step 3: Submit the printed out application form along with all required supporting documents to the MICAD/MGAPS Office maximum by Friday the 30th of July 2021.  The required documents are listed below under the ‘Required supporting documents’ section.

Step 4: TOEIC Test will take place on Thursday 5/8/2021. Students who already took an English proficiency test (TOEIC or the TOEFL, IELTS), and earned a high grade will have the TOEIC exam requirement waived. This requires the approval of the MGAPS director.

Step 5: Students who sit for and achieve the required minimum grade on the TOEIC examination will be invited to interviews on Friday 20/8/2021. Specific dates and times will be announced later. All interviewed applicants will receive notification of the outcome of the interview within a week following the interview.

Step 6: Once a student is officially accepted, s/he must proceed to the Registrar’s Office for official enrollment.

Step 7: Tuition fee is determined on a per credit basis.  The rate for 2021/2022 is set at 620 NIS per credit hour.  In addition, a student has to pay registration fees (220 NIS per semester), IT fees (150 NIS per semester), accident insurance (50 NIS per semester), library fees   (30 NIS per semester), graduation fees (250 NIS per student), and university ID fees (25 NIS per student). All payments are to be made at the Arab Bank in Bethlehem in Shekels. Scholarships are not awarded unless funds become available.

Step 8: Classes for the Fall Semester will start early week of September.

Required supporting documents

  • Official Transcripts of previously earned academic Degree(s) stamped by MOEHE
  • Official Copy of High School Diploma stamped by the Ministry of Education
  • 2 Reference Letters: 1 from a faculty member and 1 from the employer.
  • A current CV.
  • Photocopy from the ID or Passport
  • 2 Personal Photos
  • A short essay describing the applicant’s motivations and expectations towards the program (max. 200 words)
  • Receipt of the Application Fee of 500 NIS.

Additional/optional requirements

  • Official copy of other Degrees or Diplomas (if any);
  • Certificates of Foreign Language proficiency (if any);
  • Certificates attesting professional experience (if any).

*** Note: All documents submitted along with the application are part of Bethlehem University records and will not be returned to the applicant under any circumstance.