Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy – Chair

Meet the Chairperson

As Chairperson of the Curriculum and Pedagogy Department, it is my interest to promote and facilitate the formation of outstanding professionals in the educational field.  Teachers are capable of contributing meaningfully to the holistic development of each of their students and accompany them in their personal and group processes and experiences. We aim to form teachers who are also able to foster and generate opportunities for critical, divergent, and creative thinking in the classroom in ways that positively transform lives and groups beyond the classroom, and establish the bases for a more cohesive society that strives for a better quality of life for every one of its members.

At Bethlehem University we understand teachers are not mere information conveyors but active agents of change, development, formation, and meaning in the lives of their students. We form teachers who are simultaneously masters in their subject area, experts in pedagogical approaches and educational methods, and human beings of excellence that care for their students and contribute positively to their lives and the achievement of their dreams and projects.