Information about the Program


Candidates for this program must have earned a Bachelor degree with an academic record of at least “good” in one of the following majors:

  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Medical Technology
  • Agriculture with the subspecialties of plant production, animal production, or nutrition
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Pharmacy


The program offering is divided between Bethlehem University and Palestinian Polytechnic University.  That is, the Fall semester offerings will be hosted by Bethlehem University while Spring semester offerings will be at Palestinian Polytechnic University. On a few occasions during the academic year, students will commute between the two universities for a specific project or learning experience.

Career Opportunity

One of the main objectives of the program is to prepare highly qualified and trained personnel in the relevant applications of Biotechnology. Graduates will pursue career opportunities in university teaching and research; in both public and private medical and agriculture labs and research institutions; forensic and fertility labs; molecular diagnostics labs; pharmaceutical companies and vaccine production plants; food industry and environmental monitoring organizations; and in quality control labs.

Application for Admission

Registration process starts prior to the beginning of the first semester and after an advertisement in local newspapers. An application for admission is available for downloading at the websites of both Bethlehem University and Palestinian Polytechnic University. A completed hard copy of the application form along with one-time and non-refundable fees is to be submitted to the Registration Office in either university.

A joint admission committee from the two universities will evaluate each application on a competitive basis. Candidates will be interviewed and a list of the accepted will officially announced.

Download the Application Form

Our Skilled Instructors

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