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Faculty of Education

16 June2014

Faculty of Education Establishes Science Labs in two Schools

On Tuesday 3 June 2014, Mr. Rizek Sleibi, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Bethlehem University and Ms. Nisreen Amro, Director of Bethlehem Education Department of the Ministry of Education, officially launched the Science Lab at Beit Jala Secondary School for Girls, in Bethlehem District. This Central Science Lab is supported by Bethlehem University’s Faculty of Education as part of a project “Improving the Quality of Education in Primary and Secondary Palestinian Schools”. A number of supervisors of science education, school principal and teachers of also participated in this event.

On 11 June 2014, Mr. Sleibi and Mr. Sami Mruwa, Director of the North Hebron office of the Ministry of Education, has officially launched the North Hebron Central Science Lab at Al Rasheed Secondary School in Halhul. Halhul Municipality, Parent’s Council, Science Educational Supervisors, School Principal and teachers of Al Rasheed Secondary School also participated in this event.

These labs will help the teachers and students conduct scientific experiments in schools based on their schoolbooks. So they will help turn theory into practice at a school level which will better prepare them for University education. The two labs are a result of need assessment by conducted by the Ministry of Education offices in Bethlehem and North Hebron in Fall 2013.


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Faculty of Education Establishes Science Labs in two Schools

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