Research e-Center

Research e-Center

For over forty years, Bethlehem University has been committed to serving Palestinian society and the Palestinian people’s need for knowledge.  In the constantly expanding information and electronic era of our global world, Bethlehem University continues to be called on to play a vital public role in creating and advancing new knowledge, offering scientific, educational, and humanistic insights that can respond to the changing needs of Palestinian society and the world at large.

The mission of Bethlehem University is to promote high standards in the advancement of knowledge, communicate this knowledge to future generations of Palestinians, and to make this knowledge accessible to the community and to the world. Therefore, it strives to cultivate excellence in research and support a thriving research culture through high quality research and scholarly publications in conformity with internationally accepted ethical standards.

In keeping with its master plan and the new vision for the establishment of an Institute of Tourism Training at the Mount David site that incorporates the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism, Bethlehem University seeks to tap into this culture of excellence in research to build collaborative partnerships with the public and private sectors in Palestine. Through these mutually indispensable and strategic partnerships, we seek to support new industries and provide the scientifically trained personnel needed to develop the tourism industry.

Our collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in this regard is instrumental for the coordination of the social and economic synergies that hold the key for economic prosperity for Palestine and Palestinian society in the future.

To facilitate the joint creation and sharing of knowledge with these partners, Bethlehem University is pleased to announce the launching of this Research e-Center: It serves as a central location or hub for new and experienced researchers, postgraduate researchers and other students from different institutions, academic disciplines and national backgrounds in Palestine and around the world to access and share research data, good practices, ideas, interests, conferences, and other scholarly activities.

This Tourism Research e-Center will provide opportunities for these researches and scholars to make new knowledge available especially, with regards to vocational education and training (VET) and tourism industry-related research that examine vocational issues in a systematic manner. Through this Research e-Center researchers can also play an active role in the formation of policy within the public and private sectors that support research interests in the areas of cultural tourism and the burgeoning field of religious and pilgrimage studies.

This Research e-Center will provide opportunities for networking and encourage future partnerships and collaborations that can be of direct benefit to the development of the tourism sector and Palestinian society at large.

Master Theses

Ammar, Victor. Review and Assessment of Proposed Development Efforts for the Tourism Sector in Jericho and the Jordan Valley: Economic Growth vs. Tourism Development. 2012.

Da’boub, Natalie. Enhancing Tourism Sector in Bethlehem. 2012.

Dabdoub, Carol. Bethlehem- A missed opportunity.

Daher, Yusef.  Towards the Palestinian Tourism board and sustainable tourism in Palestine based on public/private partnership.

Handal,  Rana. Alternative Tourism for Sustainable Rural Development in Palestine. 2012.

Hawash Abu Eita, Angela. Public Relations and the Palestinian Tourism Sector. 2011.

Khalilieh, Samia. Tourism: A development tool for Palestinian Municipalities

Khoury, Sami. The Dilemma of destination Palestine- Tourism development and Marketing under occupation.

Maria, Laurette. Palestinian Tourism law.

Odeh, Mai. Palestinian intangible heritage- Palestinian Dabkeh as a case study.

Qassiss, Rami. Alternative Tourism in Palestine

Sahouri, Joseph. Bringing Palestine into focus- Reconstruction of a distorted Destination Image.

Sartawi, Attiyeh. A strategy for Palestinian Museums.

Siriani, Miral. Is Tourism a viable economic recourse to potentially sustain a future Palestinian State?. 2011.

Ta’amrah, Shadi  Enriching the experiences of tourists to Achieve Tourism Sustainability: Case Study of Bethlehem District. 2013.

Zeidan, Claude. The Role of Tourism Development in Poverty Reduction “Between 2000-2010”.The Case of Bethlehem. 2012.

Zughbi, Carol. An adventure in the development of Rural Tourism in Palestine- A case study for the Bethlehem district.

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