Student Activities

Student Activities

Vincent Malham Center offers cultural and community programs and activities which strengthen and enhance language learning and practice and interacting with the community. International students and learners engage in various community activities, such as visiting Palestinian families to learn their customs and traditions. Additionally, they have the chance to eat delicious traditional Palestinian food with Palestinian families.

Moreover, students and scholars of Vincent Malham Center visit different Palestinian cities such as Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Nablus, and Ramallah. They enjoy their time by mingling with the citizens and chatting with them, in addition to exciting tours in markets and alleys, visiting monasteries and churches, such as the Nativity and the Resurrection churches, the Cremisan Monastery and many others.

In addition to educational services, Vincent Malham Center in Bethlehem University offers cultural activities, for its students and scholars, as international students learn to chant in Arabic tunes and to dance the popular Palestinian Dabkka, in cooperation with heritage and singing folklore bands such as Bethlehem University Jithoor folklore band.

Brother Vincent Malham Center is concerned with the social relations amongst International and Arab students at Bethlehem University. It encourages them to form friendships and bonds, which will strengthen their languages and improve their Arabic speaking abilities.

Brother Vincent Malham Center at Bethlehem University opens its doors and offers it’s educational, cultural, and community service. It welcomes all learners and those who are interested in learning the Arabic Language at Bethlehem University in the city of  Bethlehem (the city of love and peace).

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