CMLI Message from Director

Message from Director

The Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute is pleased to issue this special bulletin about its various activities since its establishment.

In order to develop the personality of being a leader, the Institute has implemented multiple programs based upon the following foundational principles:

  • Leadership is not about holding positions of power and influence, but rather, can be seen as an approach to serving others.
  • In order to build the Palestinian society for the better, leaders must first be qualified with moral humanity. Furthermore, they must respect the value of freedom; respect multiple dimensions of political, religious, moral, social concepts; and respect the concept of democracy.
  • Leadership extends to include cooperation and participation within the family as well as within political institutions.

In order to address these basic dimensions, the Institute has targeted three segments within Palestinian society:

  1. University students and young people who will be the future leaders in politics, economics, medicine, education, social work, and other professions.
  2. School teachers, in collaboration with school management, who are the basic nucleus in developing the human personality within a society.
  3. Women – mothers as well as professionals – who impact society through their responsibility within their families to plant the seeds of correct growth of human personality.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development and growth of the Institute and its programs, especially the lecturers who facilitated course sessions and staff trainings. We are deeply grateful to Catholic Relief Services for their support. In addition, we would like to thank the approximately 700 people who have participated in our courses, workshops, and activities from all the aforementioned segments.

We have great hope for our future endeavors, and we are already working hard so that the Cardinal Martini Leadership Institute will be the nucleus in helping to create leaders in various fields throughout Palestine.


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Dr. Yousef Zaknoun
CMLI Director

Ms. Irene ThalgiehCMLI Secretary